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Your audience wants the versatility and massive repertoire that only a DJ can provide, but more than just someone standing behind a table. They want visual stimulation that matches the rockin’ energy of the music pounding out of the sound system. Picture two performers housed in state of the art percussion cages, arms flying, drums pounding, music pulsating, and an audience on their feet all night long!  It’s high-energy music, audience interaction, and visual excitement. This is the future of musical entertainment…. This is Project DJ Slam!

Added elements could include:

• Violinist – DJ Slam and an electric violinist playing all of the famous “classic rock” string lines likes Led Zeppelin “Kasmir”.

• Guitar player – He’ll rock out with Project DJ Slam to hits such as AC/DC “Back in Black” and Bon Jovi “Livin’ on a Prayer”.

• Beat Boxers/rapper

• Singers

• Dancers

About Us

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